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 Staying Dry During the Flood of Sexual Harassment Claims – Steps Your Company Can Take to Create a Non-Discriminatory Work Environment

By: Adam E. Konstas, Esquire

Since news broke of the allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, the dam has breached, and the news has been flooded with reports of sexual harassment allegations against other high profile media figures, journalists, and executives. Sifting through each troubling new development, one cannot help but notice the sheer volume of reports and the many years over which the alleged abuse took place. As we await what seems to be the inevitable – news of yet another claim of sexual harassment against a high profile figure, employers should take this moment to review their own policies and practices for handling claims of sexual harassment to ensure that their company does not get swept up in the deluge.

When you put the latest newsbreak down, here are some important steps to take:

  1. Review company policies and procedures
  2. Conduct routine training
  3. Set the tone for a positive workplace culture

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