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A lifetime of savings can be wiped out in a matter of months if proper pre-crisis planning has not been done.  This puts a burden not only on the elderly, but their families and friends as well.

PK Law Attorneys are leaders in Elder Law.  Our attorneys have assisted thousands of families with their elder care planning to ensure their loved ones are properly cared for and their assets preserved to the fullest extent allowed.

Our Services Include:

  •  Protecting assets from being depleted for long term care
  • Preserving the family home and other property
  • Qualifying for Medicaid to pay the nursing home
  • Avoiding being trapped in the 5-year look back
  • Assessing long term care insurance contracts
  • Explaining how contracts with long term care facilities work
  • Preparing Wills, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directives
  • Ensuring probate avoidance to preserve assets
  • Structuring assets to achieve maximum protection
  • Using trusts to insulate assets from being spent down

We know you have questions.  We want to help you find the answers.  PK Law provides comprehensive consultations to help families understand the legal issues involved with long term care in nursing homes.  The consultations are conducted by PK Law Elder Law Attorneys with years of experience helping people with these issues.

We will explain how to:

  • Protect assets from being spent down at a nursing home
  • Strategically transfer assets during the 5-year look back
  • Protect virtually all assets for your spouse
  • Qualify for Medicaid on your first attempt
  • Insulate your house and property from Medicaid spend down
  • Retain funds even after a loved one enters a nursing home

*Interested in digitally uploading your Advance Healthcare Directive?  Your health care provider will be able to access your documents digitally when they are needed.  PK Law’s MyDirectives Page


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