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PK Law Wealth Preservation and Sports Attorney, David Pessin, comments on Under Armour’s attempt to terminate 15 year $280 million agreement with UCLA.

“I don’t think that this matter is even close to resolved,” said David Pessin, a Baltimore-based sports attorney and founding member of Pessin Katz Law P.A. “I think this is the kind of case that begs to be further negotiated and settled. Maybe that will be a suspension, maybe that will be a reduction in payments. Maybe it will be a renegotiation of the contract with a shorter term.”

Mr. Pessin went on to comment that he hoped the announcement was in anticipation of renegotiation rather than because negotiations between the parties had failed.

David is the Co-Founding Member of Pessin Katz Law, P.A. (PK Law) and has been practicing law for over 36 years.

David began his legal career in estate and business planning and during his decades of practice in those fields has assisted clients and their families from all walks of life – not only the fortunate who have substantial wealth and celebrity, but also those of more modest means who also deserve protection – preserve and maintain their personal and business assets from erosion which could result from taxes; personal liability; family fights; improper, outdated, incomplete or inappropriate planning; the decimating cost of long term care; probate; marital issues; and all other forms of personal or professional liability.

David’s background includes teaching at the University of Baltimore School of Law.  He prides himself on explaining sometimes complex and frightening legal and financial concepts in ways his clients can fully understand the value of their planning and the implications of failing to plan properly.

David is also one of the few attorneys in the area who regularly plans for and advises professional athletes, entertainers and broadcasters in personal and business matters and has established a solid reputation as a valuable resource for American and international athletes and broadcasters. Some of David’s high-profile clients include Olympian, Michael Phelps; former NBA Point Guard and current NBA coach, Sam Cassell; Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Tito Ortiz; Baltimore Orioles Broadcaster, Fred Manfra; Tampa Bay Rays Broadcaster, Andy Freed; University of Maryland and NBA Basketball Star Maryland Sports Radio Network broadcaster and financial advisor, Walt Williams; ABC 7’s Veronica Johnson; University of Maryland and NBA basketball player, Harvard Law School Graduate, Knight Commission Member and ESPN broadcaster Len Elmore; NBC 4 weather broadcaster, Chuck Bell, and Olympic gold medalist, Helen Maroulis.