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Harford and Cecil County Zoning and Land Use.  Harford County has initiated a one year process to update its Master Land Use Plan.  The Master Land Use Plan will control future zoning and public works decisions in the County.  It is expected that the County Executive and County Council will consider expanding the Development Envelope, i.e., that area of the County designated to receive future public water and public sewer service.  Public input will be accepted until May 5, 2011.  Land Use Plan designations are critical for future development and subdivision regulation.  Cecil County is now in the process of reviewing a new zoning code, subdivision regulation and a comprehensive rezoning of the entire County.  Public hearings will be held in March with adoption expected in April 2011.  For anyone who owns land in Harford County or Cecil County, this is a critical time to review County proposals.

Anyone who would like assistance regarding land use issues in Harford or Cecil County should contact Mike Leaf in our Business Services Group.  Mike has 35 years of experience in real estate, land use, public works, and zoning in Harford and Cecil Counties.