Abell Improvement Association

Named in honor of Baltimore Sun founder A.S. Abell and the avenue that bears his name, the Abell Community comprises nine square blocks in the heart of Baltimore city. Known for its 'Painted Lady' rowhouses, the community is almost entirely residential, with approximately 550 single and multiple-family row houses and three apartment buildings. We are fortunate to have a number of local community assets, both within our boundaries and nearby, including the Barclay School, the Waverly Library, the 32nd Street Farmers Market, and historic Huntingdon Baptist Church.

The Abell Improvement Association (AIA) works to celebrate and improve our neighborhood for everyone calling the Abell Community “home.” AIA collaborates with several neighboring associations such as the Charles Village Civic Association, the Better Waverly Community Organization, the Harwood Community Association, and the Old Goucher Community Association.

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