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Diva Bole, PK Law (left) with Dawn O’Meally, The Counseling Center for Change

By: Diva Bole, Esquire,  PK Law

This interview is part of a continuing series focusing on women entrepreneurs in the greater Baltimore metropolitan region. Over the next several months, PK Law will identify local businesswomen that are making a difference with companies and organizations, serving the local community or rising above a particular challenge to positively impact others. If you are interested in being a part of this series, please contact Diva Bole at

The Counseling Center for Change, with its home base in Westminster, offers individual, couples, and group therapy utilizing a variety of therapeutic techniques backed by over a thousand studies and countless research. Patients walk into the facility with situations, problems and concerns and leave feeling motivated, supported and hopeful.

Please describe the guiding philosophy of the practice.

We use research-based methodologies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Trauma-based therapies to help people with issues including mood disorders, obesity and ADHD to make positive changes in the lives of people who come here. This is real and long-lasting change that make a discernable difference. We have created a warm and welcome place where patients feel comfortable, safe and respected. Each of the professionals at The Counseling Center for Change is committed to helping inspire, encourage and motivate our patients to achieve peace of mind and spirit.

Explain the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).

These therapies involve the changing of thoughts, feelings and then behaviors for people struggling with mood disorders, self-esteem issues or are under a great deal of stress. People dealing with these issues tend to have a lot of negative self-talk which then produces depression and anxiety. Often, things snowball and get worse, and sometimes the choices they are about to make may not be constructive ones. Without treatment, depression and anxiety can become the gateway to addictions, eating behaviors, and doing things that aren’t going to help them. For instance, choosing to avoid exercise or overeating or spending money excessively. So, when we change the way people think, we change the way they feel, and they respond. Our practice has experienced great success using both of these therapies in the treatment of mood disorders, obesity and weight loss.

Why are you so confident that these therapies create lasting change?

Based on the thousands of research studies that support this and show that they work, combined with the countless success stories we have experienced. We also measure change here with depression and anxiety scores and testing so we know that it works. Our brains have neuroplasticity and so we are capable of making change with the types of therapies we offer.

Please describe your client types.

Our demographic profile matches the real-world population and we work with people of all ages. We have three licensed professional therapists with one dedicated to helping teenagers. I only treat adults and geriatrics and the third professional works with both age segments. Each of us bring our own unique skill-set with a heavy emphasis on CBT. In addition, one of our therapist is trauma-trained which is a rare find in a therapy practice and is highly sought out.

What drew you into this profession?

I have been licensed for 30 years and still have tremendous passion for this profession. I don’t consider this “work” for me – it is my vocation and I love what I do, specifically helping people. It is extremely gratifying to own your own business as I have the opportunity to design new educational programs for patients and others who need help. The best part is seeing the results and watching people get better and change their lives. This is especially true in my bariatric work, where I provide the pre and post-op Weight Loss surgery mental health component. When you help someone lose 100 to 150 pounds, you realize this completely changes a person’s life, and they need the emotional support in order to successfully navigate the change and to avoid regaining and returning to old self-defeating habits. It improves the quality of life and extends their life. To be a catalyst to that kind of change is just amazing!

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