July 1, 2013, Taxes Become Due & Recording Deeds Becomes Difficult – Get Deeds Recorded Well In Advance

This is intended to be advance notice that annual real property taxes become due on July 1, 2013.  At any time, the Land Records will not record deeds for properties for which there are outstanding taxes.  The annual taxes become due on July 1, so one would generally be unable to record deeds after that date unless the new taxes are paid.

Often the public will be unaware that their taxes are due because the counties do not mail out tax bills until after July 1st.  Moreover, many people have their taxes paid out of escrow by their mortgage holder.  They will assume their taxes have been paid, but they will be incorrect.

Many of the jurisdictions that require lien certificates (Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County etc.) stop processing requests for lien certificates in the middle of June, in anticipation of taxes becoming due on July 1st.

Thus, if you want a deed recorded before you pay the annual taxes, it should be signed and ready for recording in mid-June at the latest.  Harford County, for example, has issued a notice that any deed that is to be recorded by June 30th must be presented to the Land Records by June 26th.