Planning For Professional Athletes

Professional athletes require discreet, sophisticated planning services crafted for their unique needs. For over 20 years PK Law has offered legal services to enhance and protect an athlete’s personal, financial and intellectual property rights. Unlike other law firms that may not have the specific experience of dealing with professional athletes on a regular basis, PK Law attorneys understand that sensitivity and privacy are crucial when dealing with high-profile individuals.

PK Law  is proud to offer a variety of select services in a confidential and secure environment including:

  • Wealth preservation and estate planning
  • Domestic and international tax issues Asset protection
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Employment contracts Retirement planning benefits coordination
  • Coordination of financial planning
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Intellectual property rights (use of name and likeness, website agreements, book, video games and movie rights, recording contracts, endorsement contracts)
  • Off-field business enterprises and formation of business entities
  • Real estate
  • Formation and administration of charitable foundations
  • Personal affairs
  • Family law
  • Assistance with engagement and termination of agents
  • NCAA and other amateur ruling body issues
  • NCAA Disputes
  • Criminal law