Family Law

Family issues can be traumatic and emotionally charged. From divorce, to custody disputes, to delinquent child support payments, PK Law’s family lawyers have the resources and experience to protect our clients, resolve their issues and help rebuild their lives. We seek fair resolutions to family law matters, employing mediation, litigation or collaborative law as needed by our clients.

Our services include: Divorce; Custody; Child Support; Visitation, including third party and grand; Alimony; Analysis of marital and non-marital property issues; Valuation of business interests; Negotiation and preparation of settlement agreements; Negotiation and preparation of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements; Guardianship; Domestic violence matters including protective and peace orders; Child sex abuse matters; Adoptions; Domestic partner agreements; Same-sex family legal issues; Estate planning and will preparation following divorce; Collaborative Law