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PKL PostIt Graphic+ShadActs With Integrity:

In a fast paced world where upheaval in your personal and professional life can strike at any time, PK Law has proven that its attorneys will respond with integrity, professionalism, teamwork and excellence.  While at times dealing with difficult issues can be painful, PK Law Attorneys know the importance of meeting these issues directly, selecting appropriate leaders to steer you through the turmoil and seeking outside assistance when warranted to protect your interests and those who rely on you.  Not looking the other way, making tough decisions and acting on them promptly leads to excellence. 

Responds to You Personally and Promptly:

We know that the legal issues you are facing are important and personal to you. PK Law Attorneys are accessible and responsive. As a PK Law client, if you contact a PK Law Attorney by phone or email, they will respond to you personally and promptly to ensure you are kept up to date on the status of your legal matter, to answer your questions, or to just put your mind at ease. 

Easy to Understand:

PK Law Attorneys sit with their clients, explain legal issues in non-legal terms, ensure that clients understand the issues, outline the options, identify hidden risks, and help their clients make good decisions. 

Straightforward About Fees:

At PK Law, we understand that most clients are concerned about the cost of legal services. Making sure our clients understand how we bill for our legal services, our rates, what costs they are responsible for and how they will be billed is very important to us, and we clearly outline this for our clients before beginning work on any matter.   

Billing by the Hour:

Most legal services provided by PK Law are billed by the hour. Time spent on a legal matter is tracked and the client is billed based on a set hourly rate and the time spent. The hourly rate charged varies depending on who is completing the legal work. Senior attorneys with a great deal of experience have a higher billable rate, while associates and paralegals bill at a lower rate. A description of the legal services provided and the billable time spent is clearly described on a monthly invoice. 

Flat Fees/Rates:

Flat fees or rates are charged for some legal services provided by PK Law. Flat fees are charged when the scope of the legal work required can be clearly defined. Some legal services provided to individuals and businesses, including newly emerging and small businesses, can be provided on a flat rate basis. Most bankruptcy matters, simple wills and some trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives may also be completed on a flat rate basis.

Contingency Fees:

PK Law will charge clients a contingency fee on an occasional basis. Contingency fees are generally based on the recovery a client obtains in a case usually by way of a verdict or a settlement. 


A retainer is money paid up front by the client. The retainer is an assurance to the attorney that the client can pay for the legal services. PK Law requests retainers on a case-by-case basis.  Retainers are always deposited into a qualified IOLTA account, meaning a client escrow account, and are applied to invoices for legal services. Unused retainers are always returned to the client as clearly set forth in our fee agreements.    

Costs and Fees:              

Most legal matters will involve some type of cost or fee such as a filing fee, court costs, copying costs and expert fees. The client is responsible for these costs and the costs will be included on the monthly invoice. 

Hybrid/Alternative Billing Arrangements:

PK Law understands that the way legal services are billed is evolving. Individual, corporate and institutional clients are more concerned than ever with these costs and want to be certain that they are getting the best quality legal service for their dollar. PK Law Attorneys are willing to discuss reasonable hybrid and alternative billing arrangements. All discussions regarding these arrangements are premised on the fact that PK Law Attorneys provide high quality legal services that warrant competitive legal fees. 

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