PK Law Celebrates And is Committed to Diversity and Inclusion.  

PK Law has grown organically into a diverse and inclusive Firm at the attorney and staff level.  The Firm recognizes that a diverse and inclusive environment makes the Firm a better place to work and better able to serve client needs.

As of December 2015, half of the firm’s Members identify themselves as women, a person of color or disabled.  The firm is recognized in the community for its Same-Sex/LGBT practice and its serving, supporting and welcoming of that community along with other minority groups.  With support from the firm’s Managing Director, Business Managers, Chief Business Development Officer, and Director of Human Resources, PK Law’s Diversity Committee works to weave diversity into the firm’s culture.

The Committee holds regular meetings, as well as information gathering sessions, educational programs and recruitment functions with a focus on four key concentration areas:

  • Internal Education and Social Focus
  • Community Involvement
  • Business Development
  • Recruitment and Retention




(Statistics current as of April 2015)